Our Mission

Our passion and commitment is to help you become fitter, happier and realize your full potential to become the best version of yourself. Fitness helps people live healthier lives. It can prevent many diseases and illnesses that are linked to a sedentary lifestyle and protects against injuries. Through teaching, support, and fun we hope to empower you with a long-term lifestyle that energizes the mind, body, and spirit.

What is WCFT Crossfit about?

We are located inside the West Coast Fight Team MMA facility in Auburn. It's no secret that MMA fighters have some of the best overall fitness in sports. They train for speed, strength, power, endurance, stamina, balance, and agility. True fitness is about being well-rounded. Overtraining in one area leads to under-training in another. We will apply the same approach for you to create overall fitness in a dynamic and supportive atmosphere. You don't need to be an elite athlete to benefit from our program. Our classes are open to all fitness levels from the beginner to the advanced athlete. With our "fit team" approach, no one finishes a workout alone. We support you during every step as you develop all around physical preparedness for any sport or situation life throws at you. We combine calisthenics, gymnastics, weight lifting movements, and cardiovascular exercise in varied short but intense workouts. This delivers better results in less time.

WCFT CrossFit (West Coast Fit Team) is conveniently located in Auburn, which is in between Tacoma and Seattle, making it easily accessible for anyone near both major cities. Call or come check us out.


One month (unlimited): $120

Limited (3 times per week): $100

Drop in fee: $15 per class


M: 7:30a* | 9:00a | 2:30p | 3:30p | 4:30p | 5:30p

T: 9:00a | 2:30p | 3:30p | 4:30p | 5:30p

W: 7:30a* | 9:00a | 3:30p | 4:30p | 5:30p | 7:30p

TH: 9:00a | 3:30p | 4:30p | 5:30p

F: 3:30p | 4:30p | 5:30p | 6:30p

SAT: 10:00a

*Please email us to RSVP by 10pm night prior


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Meet your trainer Dan

My drive and passion is to help you realize and achieve your goals. I have a background in healthcare and fitness training. Staying fit through the years has allowed me to enjoy many endeavors such as running a marathon, climbing Mt. Rainer, surfing, MMA, and snowboarding. Each day I strive to improve my knowledge and understanding of health and the body. As a Physician Assistant, I am responsible for a large spectrum of patients with varying degrees of health and disease. I see firsthand the long term benefits of exercise and the pitfalls of living an unhealthy lifestyle. While in the clinic, I would repeatedly ask my patients to exercise and eat healthy but never had the time to show them how or where to start. They needed the tools to move forward that I simply could not give them in a 15 minute office visit. This was a mutually frustrating experience. Meanwhile, I trained at a local CrossFit gym for over 2 years and liked it so much I became a trainer there for over a year. During that time, I saw amazing transformations. It was during this time I realized my true passion is promoting health and fitness instead of treating disease. In medicine, we often treat a person after they have a disease or a problem. This is like changing your oil after the engine has broken. Generally those who are sedentary require more medications, clinic visits and have higher healthcare expenses. I have decided to focus on promoting and creating a healthy population in an effort to decrease many of the preventable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, and depression instead of attempting to fix them after the fact. We are simply not designed to sit around. Humans were meant to run, jump, throw, squat, push, pull and play. I would like to help anyone interested move toward a healthier, fitter life. This is my passion and commitment to you.

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